How to Fax International Countries

Send a Fax by Email (or Smartphone)

Is it possible to send a fax by email (faxing over the internet)? You bet! With online faxing sites, you can avoid dealing with long-distance charges, maintaining a fax line, and do away with the traditional facsimile machine altogether.

Going Paperless

Well, you can still print the faxes if you want to. For many reasons, faxing with email is the most flexible way to operate, and it gives small businesses a professional image (you get a real fax number).

The top two services for sending a fax by email are:

Both services cost less than maintaining a dedicated fax landline or making long-distance calls!

Some Benefits

Setting up to send international faxes via email makes a lot of sense, especially if you anticipate sending more than one or two.

How Faxing Via Email Works

With online faxing, you simply attach a PDF, image, or document file (or mix) to an ordinary email as you normally would. The attachments are sent as the fax. Whatever you type in the body of the email becomes the cover sheet!

In the "TO" field, you would enter the country code and number you wish to fax, followed by the service you use — that's it!

For instance, if you use the popular eFax service, the "TO" field for faxing Mexico from the U.S. would look like 52[faxnumber] The country code for Mexico is 52.

Receiving Faxes by Email

Faxes sent to you (the online faxing services will provide you a real fax number) show up in your email inbox and can be saved, archived, and backed up just as you would any attached file. They also offer their own smartphone apps and cloud-based document storage for backing up faxes.

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Getting Started

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