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How to Fax to the Philippines

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The country code for the Philippines is: 63

Sending an international fax to the Philippines requires knowing the international dialing prefix for your local carrier (the code dialed to get an international line) along with the country code for the Philippines (63).

Fun fact about the Philippines
Beautiful Siquijor island in the Visayas region is infamous for superstitions, herbalists, and "black magic." They've been known to craft love potions from jungle ingredients and medicinal cures for diseases that still elude Western medicine.

An alternative solution is to try sending your fax instantly by email with an online faxing service such as eFax or MyFax; it may be cheaper than the cost of the long-distance call to the Philippines. Both sites offer a free trial fax upon signup.

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The way to fax the Philippines from the United States is by dialing 011 - 63 - number in the Philippines.

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