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How to Fax the UK From Malaysia

The way to send a fax from Malaysia to the United Kingdom with a machine is fairly straightforward, although sending a fax via email is much easier. You will need to dial the international dialing prefix for Malaysia first ( 00 ) followed by the country code for the United Kingdom ( 44 ) and then the number you are trying to fax.

Format your dialing to look like this:

00 - 44 - [fax number in the United Kingdom]

The international dialing prefix for Malaysia is 00. This is the recommended International Telecommunications Union (ITU) default prefix, and it is the most widely implemented international prefix in the world. Just dial '00' for an international line.

Dialing Codes and Things to Know

The United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They all share the same country code / fax dialing procedures.

Is Your Machine Dialing Too Quickly?

Sometimes delayed connections in the phone switches require you to insert a pause after the international dialing prefix ( 00 ), the country code ( 44 ), and the number that you are dialing.

Some machines interpret a comma ( , ) as a pause, while other models use the pound sign ( # ).

Speed Settings

Noise on the long-distance call between Malaysia and the UK may cause data loss during transmission. If this happens, try lowering the baud rate on your fax machine to 9600 baud.

Note: Lowering the baud rate will allow a more stable connection, however, it will slow down transmission. Long-distance calling charges may be more.

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Send a Fax From Malaysia to the UK Using Email

Internet faxing is the easiest way to send an international fax from country to country. Online fax services allow you to send your document as an attachment to an email. You can then send the email to a traditional fax machine in the UK, quickly and easily. Sending a fax electronically eliminates the need for a long-distance phone call and ensures delivery. You can even send a fax to the UK (or any other country) with your smartphone!

The two top online fax services are eFax and MyFax — both offer 30-day free trials that can be canceled later if you aren't impressed with the service. Plus, the monthly fee is less than calling the UK from Malaysia to send a fax!

Also, you will be able to receive international faxes via email as a PDF attachment, no phone line required.

Faxing Etiquette

A little bit of faxing etiquette is appreciated, especially when faxing to large organizations. Keep these three tips in mind:

We Can Help

If you still aren't sure how to fax the UK from Malaysia, then feel free to contact us and we'll lend a hand via email — for free!

Disclaimer: eFax and MyFax, the two top faxing online sites in the industry, are affiliate partners. We receive a small commission when you use them to send a fax to the UK.

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